Meet Our Partners

Designing a product line has never just been about US.

The heart of the dream goes back further than even starting Curate Design Group, and is rooted in a desire to be a part of something meaningful that prioritizes collaboration, and benefits women, their families, and their communities on a local and global scale.

Working together to expand the limits of what's expected and even accepted - THAT'S what we've always been interested in.


This is where Village Artisan comes in. 

We have loved watching our friend Tasha develop, found, and grow Village Artisan. Their mission, purpose, and relentless dedication to a Global Story of Change has created something truly life changing in Northern India.

Moving ahead with our own product line finally made sense when Tasha came on board. Her vast knowledge and experience working in the Fairtrade industry, connections to artisans, and a large network of ethical and sustainable suppliers meant we could now play a part in supporting some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.


Village Artisan's Global Efforts

Empowering women, giving dignified work to men, and providing children with the opportunity to go to school -

Village Artisan pioneered the fair trade principles of putting people and sustainable development alongside sustainable profits. 

In a country where women aren't welcome in the work industry, Village Artisan supplies the DIGNITY that comes with learning a new skill and having the ability to provide for a family to men and women alike. They offer the chance to be trained in a new craft, a steady, Fair Trade wage, and a place in their ever-growing family. 

In the process, they have transformed the lives of individuals, families, and whole communities.

An example of one of these individuals who has seen transformation in her life through her time at Village Artisan is Nazia.

Nazia is a determined young artisan who began learning jewelry making techniques and business skills after her Father left her family at the age of 19. As the oldest of 6 kids she rose to the challenge to learn how to bead,  source raw materials, and eventually to train other young women, including her younger sisters, who needed the same support she once did. Now her family runs a small business with Village Artisan’s and it not only provides dignity in a community where she was once shamed by her Father’s disappearance, but now their hard work supports the whole family and has empowered her to “pay it forward” to others by training other women.

“We are so happy that women around the world are enjoying the jewelry we are making for them. We are very proud of what we have become and want other women to know they are not helpless!”


16 years since the birth of Village Artisan, over 100 artisans are now earning a living wage through dignified work in their caring community.


To learn more about Village Artisan and the incredible work they are doing, visit their website HERE



Every woman has a story. 

Uniquely yours, our Village Artisan Collections have been carefully designed to create an expression of you and your story.

By ordering our products, you are also telling the story of artisan men and women in North India whose hearts and dreams are carried within each piece.

Their story is one of DIGNITY, HOPE, and EMPOWERMENT that comes from the opportunity to be trained at a skill and to work at a fair wage in a caring community.