About Curate Shoppe


Over the years we’ve had a lot of conversations in our design meetings that went something like, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to design our own product line?’ and usually ended with, ‘Someday…’

We knew this dream would take some time and that there were a lot of variables that would have to fall into place to see production actually happen. The seed of this dream sat dormant in the dark for many years, but over the last year we’ve watched it start to come to life. With the introduction of new partners, collaborators, and ethical sources that we can feel proud of, the ‘Someday…’ started becoming less out there and more NOW.

Working with artisans and craftspeople based locally and abroad, we’re excited to open a Shoppe dedicated to designing, sourcing, and curating products rooted in the fair trade principles of putting people and sustainable development alongside sustainable business. A longstanding connection and friendship with the founders of Village Artisan has opened up a world of possibility for us and means we not only get to produce our own product line, but that we also get to be a part of the global work they are doing breaking the cycle of poverty, providing skills and education, establishing community health initiatives, preserving traditional methods of craftsmanship, creating and relying on environmental methods of production, and empowering the villages of North India through dignified work, training, and fair trade wages. This could be the part we’re most excited about and these values impact and inspire the way we seek to operate locally as well.

To learn more about the work that Village Artisan is doing, click here