Our Story

CURATE LTD. is a home and lifestyle product line created by Curate Design Group.

We are a female led team of interior designers, which informs every step of our approach in the designing and production process. Our heart is to empower women both locally and globally, and to connect buyers to the people behind each one of our pieces.

Contemporary design alongside artisan craftsmanship.

A long standing connection with the owner and founders of Village Artisan opened up a world of possibility when CDG was invited to partner with them and design and produce their very own product lines.

Their experience in the design world has influenced every decision throughout the production process of the Curate x Village Artisan collections. This has led to thoughtfully designed, sourced, and curated home décor and lifestyle pieces, rooted in the Fairtrade principles of putting people and sustainable development alongside sustainable business.

Curate Design Group has brought their unique interior design approach and love for beautifully curated homes to a shoppable setting in CURATE LTD.

Meet The Team.

We are a team that's passionate about beautiful and intentional interior design, and have combined our skills to make thoughtfully curated and well designed home décor available to all, while holding fast to our core values of putting people and sustainable business first.


THE TEAM (in order of appearance)

Sarah Steele (Owner of CDG and Curate Ltd), Madison Maxwell (Owner of Curate Ltd, Operations Manager), Treena Banda (Owner & Founder of CDG and Curate Ltd), Melissa Friesen (Owner of CDG and Curate Ltd)

Meet Tasha.

Tasha and her work are at the heart of Curate and everything we do.

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Every purchase makes a difference. Shop our Village Artisan Collection, and together we can write a global story of change.