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Curate Design Group & Shoppe began operations in 2015 as a partnership born out of friendship and under the name Designed to Dwell. Over time this evolved  and the Dwell Collective partnership was formed. 

At the heart of it all is a collaborative effort amongst a team of people, who always primarily seek to encourage and lift up each other, who take the road less traveled together, who take the sage advice of brilliant people who have been in business longer than us and then say, 'knowing that, what if we just had the courage to try it this way?', who are ok with failing and then adjusting and trying again, who think 'profit' can't just be defined monetarily and pursues a more holistic definition, together.  Currently, Dwell Collective works together with a team of talented of new partners on Curate Design Group, Shoppe, and maintains and operates Dwell Urban Venue

Whether it is your home, business or event, our experienced and talented team would love to partner with you to create a space that tells your story.   The Dwell Collective team can be found in the foothills of southern Alberta, where they live and dream and create with their beautiful families.

We are passionate about what we do, full of vision, and most importantly eager to serve your dreams for your space and events.


Dwell Collective: Treena Banda, Sarah Steele, Cecilia Kurtz, Jaden Evanson

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